Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Friday Pigeon Bloggin

I meant to post this earlier, but blogger has been acting up for me (along with my computer) which has delayed things by a matter of several days. Apologies.

Cat Blogging is being delayed until I can get some photos taken care of. In the meantime we will be highlighting the various fauna that are taking up residence in our office.

Some of you may remember the saga of Lizzie Borden, the mouse that I captured while she was feasting on the remains of my dinner one night in the office. We adopted her, she gave birth to 5 kids, promptly ate all of them, and so we bought her a house. She seemed happy and content there (at least judging by the large weight gain she incurred as our guest) but then one morning we arrived at work to find the cage empty, a complete mystery until we discovered the tiny whole that she had been creating in a part of the cage. She had completely Shawshanked herself out, down to every last detail except for the Rita Hayworth Poster, nibbling relentlessly at the cage night after night for months until she was at last free.

She still roams in my garbage every night, but we let her be.

In the meantime, in preparation for a hot summer we removed our air conditioner for servicing, only to discover another mom who has adopted us. I’m not certain what the deal is with my company attracting all of these pregnant women. Perhaps it has something to do with the generous health benefits that we offer.