Friday, October 27, 2006

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Baptism done right:

Baptism done wrong:

From the Comics Curmudgeon:

"This may be the first time ever that I’ve appreciated the Family Circus in a non-ironic fashion. Then again, this may be the first time that the Family Circus featured the aftermath of a ghastly parody of a religious sacrament that quickly descended into child-injuring violence. My favorite aspects: the discarded bible, face down in the grass, its pages no doubt scratched to ribbons by Kittycat in a desperate attempt to escape salvation; and the dripping water and anger-produced steam emanating from the aforementioned still-unsaved feline. I am a bit curious about the transistor radio — tuned to some cheesy contemporary Christian channel, no doubt. I also think that it was overkill to use the hose and the bucket and the water already in the birdbath. They really tried to baptize the hell out of that cat."

Definately a site worthy of checking out. And congratulations to Baby Gracie (and thanks for the lovely card!)

Friday, October 13, 2006

Signs of the Apocalypse, Part III

A test to see if we can get video running here at 'A Good World.' Enjoy

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Fear of Math

Well as you all know by now there was a plane crash in a building on the Upper East side about two hours ago. The coverage is an object lesson in how the press works and thinks:

" NEW YORK - A small plane crashed into a 50-story condominium tower Wednesday on Manhattan's Upper East Side...The plane hit the 20th floor of the Belaire — a tower overlooking the East River, about five miles from the World Trade Center..."

Now, I'm hoping that this report, which hasn't been corrected in a couple of hours, eventually does get fixed. But when you look at all of the photos, you'll notice that if the plane crashed at the 20th floor of a 50 story building, then there would be 30 stories between the site of the crash and the roof. Clearly this is not the case. I suppose that it would have been too much to ask that someone actually count the floors of the building. My guess is that someone mentioned the numbers 20 and 50 and it just stuck. What's also interesting is that all of the reports, from CNN to ESPN to the NY Times are saying the same thing.

Obviously a quibble, but a good example of careless reporting that shouldn't be trusted. But what gets my ire is this line from the article:

"...The crash struck fear in a city devastated by the attacks of Sept. 11 five years ago..."

Blow me. I know that the administration banks on there being eight and a quarter million people in this fair town cowering in basements and having flashbacks every time they hear a plane engine, but that is far from the truth. Far, far from it. I'm so tired of this insane story line.

Now they are reporting that the plane was piloted by Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle. Not their best postseason.

Wednesday Cat Blogging

Orestes Helping Papa change the lightbulbs edition. And in case you didn't catch the latest example of better living through chemistry, here's an article about new breeds of cats for sale that have been genetically modified to be non-allergenic.

R.I.P. Eve Adamson

Eve Adamson, the founder of the Jean Cocteau Repertory Theater, died this past weekend. Obit Here. Apparently she died from the same bad cold that's been infecting me and everyone else here in New York. Never mess with the flu.

She started her New York Career as a hat check girl at the Copa Cobana. She may have lived a shorter life than others (68) because she lived it fully, perhaps too much so, some might say. Others. such as myself, would disagree.