Friday, June 02, 2006

Spring Catchup

Hopefully over the next few days I’ll be able to play some catchup with postings that I have been planning on doing for the past month or two. Things always get in the way, etc, but you, dear reader, care not for such mundane events. You want content, and you want it now, dammit.

I finally got a roll of film developed which will cover several post-worthy events, so now I’ll show some scenes from a wonderful spring day at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Erin and Windy were in town, to help promote the new film that Erin produced for Jeff Garlin, ‘I want someone to eat cheese with.’ Saturday we spent at the Garden, which as it turned out was the Japanese Cherry Blossom festival, and therefore the entire population of the Borough was in attendance. But everything was in bloom, as you can see, including a fairly pregnant Windy, now expecting to deliver in mid-July. In a few weeks Kathy and I will be heading out to LA to say howdy and attend a shower for Windy. A good time is pretty much guaranteed with such hosts.

Erin later scored us some tickets to the movie, and Kathy and I felt privileged as we skipped the long lines in the rain, instead being directed to the line where the important types got their tickets to the sold out show. I don’t believe that the movie (which was being shown as part of the Tribeca Film Festival) has a distribution deal yet, but it was a sweet film and we wish Erin and Jeff Garlin all the best luck in making beaucoup bucks with it.