Friday, June 09, 2006

Congratulations, You are the 1000th reader of this blog

Well, this week this wee blog hit a a bit of a milestone: over one thousand unique visitors to the site. Of course, it's really more like the same five people hitting it 200 seperate times each, but still. Actually you five are not alone - the past 100 vistors come from the following places:

Newtonville MA
Davis, CA
Brooklyn, NY
Redding Center, CT
Tucson, AZ
Sunnyvale, CA
Bronx, NY
Decatur, GA
Arlington, VA
Massapequa, NY
Los Angeles, CA
Yakima, WA
Denver, CO
Berlaar, Belgium
Vilnius, Lithuania
Doylestown, PA

What can be interesting is how people are visiting. My 'Yelling Theater in a crowded Fire' post was linked to by a pro-life group who answered the question of whether or not to save a petri dish or a two year old boy by saying, "Save both!". Well, ya got me on that one. Unfortunately I don't have the links to that, as my cheap (ie free) sitemeter usage only saves the previous 100 links, and this one was a few hundred links back. I have had the review of Hedda Gabler linked to, along with a description of a dinner at Rosewater because of one particular wine that I mentioned.

A decent number of people visit as the result of Google searches. Some of them are Googling me, but most are googling things like 'Judas and Giraffe' and coming up with one of my postings on the Judas Gospel. The good news for results like that is they are apparently staying long enough to read the posts, and not flying back to Google to try again.

At around 9 or so visits a day, by year's end I suppose I might end up breaking 2,500 visits. Not bad, I suppose. Of course, I need to keep up posting for that to happen. My brother should take heed...