Saturday, May 27, 2006

Saturday Bonus Cat Blogging

Meet the newest boarder, Dylan, whom Kathy scooped up of off the streets on Thursday evening after a fine meal with perhaps too much wine involved. Kathy named him Dylan as Wednesday was Bob Dylan's 65th birthday. Dylan is now living (temporarily) in the top floor bedroom while we put up posters looking for his home. If that doesn't prove fruitful we will endeavor to find him a home less crowded with other cats.

Dylan is probably around a year or two old. He clearly was raised in a house, as he is litterbox trained and understands various house sounds, such as the pop of the top of a can of cat food. And he is completely comfortable with people.

So if you know anyone looking for a cute cat who is very flirtatious and very outgoing and friendly to people (perhaps a little less so to other cats as Misty has discovered) let us know.