Thursday, February 23, 2006

My Mom Warned Me it Would Come to This

Yes, it's time for Service Pack 4.0: Via CNN:

Pentagon: Ports uproar may pose security risk

President tries to calm furor over takeover of port management

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The second in command at the Pentagon said Thursday that people who publicly oppose allowing a Middle Eastern company to take over management of some U.S. ports could be threatening national security.

Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England told the Senate Armed Services Committee that blocking the deal could ostracize one of the United States' few Arab allies.

"The terrorists want our nation to become distrustful," England said. "They want us to become paranoid and isolationist, and my view is we cannot allow this to happen. It needs to be just the opposite."

So now I am a Traitor and a Security Risk. Somehow I don't think my parents are too suprised to find that out...