Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Let it snow

Apologies for the lack of posting. It has been snowing here metaphorically as well as physically. Ruminating on the two and a quarter feet of snow that we got on Sunday (a record as most of you know) I wish to mention the two hard and fast rules of snow that I never fail to bore people with whenever I get the chance. Again, these rules are mathematically provable, scientifically accurate and demonstrably true. Inotherwords no one can deny them.

Rule 1: There is nowhere a more beautiful place on the entire planet than New York City right after a snowfall.

Rule 2: There is nowhere a more ugly place on the entire planet than New York City 24 hours after a snowfall.

When they say Blizzard of '06, I want people to say the word 'ought' as in 'Back in ought-six when I was a kid they had snow drifts as high as the moon and I had to walk to work on pavement strewed with broken glass.' Blizzards should only ever be spoken of by people who are in their nineties. Otherwise the language has no impact.

Meanwhile it is 50 degrees outside and while the memories of the Blizzard of ought-six are fading as rapidly as the snow outside, the 2006 blizzard of work at my company continues unabated. I'll be in Tucson this weekend helping my parents move, so there will be sporadic posting for a while.

In the meantime one can peruse another blog I cam across. It is the winter olympics after all (in keeping with the snow theme). While I couldn't care less about the games, DFL is blogging on the last place finishers in the Olympic Games:

"More than anything else, I think, this blog is opposed to the idea that anything short of a gold medal is a failure on the athlete's part..."

It's worth a gander, and fun to keep up with people who will be forgotten quicker than a blink in our winner-take-all culture.