Thursday, July 24, 2008


Back from France, hence the long lack of posting. We were staying at a small place in Burgundy, where the internet access was similar to what I had in high school in the 1980s. It was nice, actually, to be in a techno-media free zone. All there was to do was eat, drink and read.

And so we did. We spent 6 days in Burgundy at our friend’s place, an old mill built in the 14th century, before going onto Paris. Here are the daily meals:

Friday, July 11th: Lunch was a small charcuterie plate, and dinner was a whole sea bass cooked in salt, served with seaweed, and followed by cheese.

Saturday, July 12th: Lunch was an omelet, and dinner was an appetizer of pork pate followed by a main course of braised beef cheeks, followed by cheese.

Sunday, July 13th: Lunch was a small charcuterie plate, jambon served on melon and beef tongue served on romaine lettuce hearts. Dinner was avocadoes with pistachio oil, string beans and beef. Followed by cheese.

Monday, July 14th: Lunch was more jambon served on melon, with leftover steak, pickles and tapenade on bread. Dinner was a village party where they served mussels, fries, and a tart. Oh, and cheese.

Tuesday, July 15th: Lunch was homemade salt cod. Dinner was heirloom rabbit served with eggplant, tapenade and tomatoes, followed by cheese.

Wednesday, July 16th: Lunch was leftover rabbit and an omelet. Dinner was pastrami sandwiches. And cheese.

And for the three of us, this was all washed down with 32 bottles of French wine and one bottle of cognac.

Then we went to Paris. Life sucks sometimes.