Thursday, March 20, 2008

Coke Adds Life

In this Easter Season, it always pays to play it safe:

"...Many people in the Philippines consider crucifixion and self flagellation good for the soul, but it is bad for your health according to new government advice for penitents.

This Holy Week, the thousands of guilt stricken or pious worshipers who will flay the skin off their backs, and the handful who will crucify themselves, are encouraged to get a tetanus shot first and be sure to use a clean whip or nails.

"We are not trying to go against the Lenten tradition here because whipping has somewhat already become some form of ’atonement for sins’ for some of us,” Health Secretary Francisco Duque the 3rd said.

"Getting deep cut wounds during whippings or lashings is inevitable and being so exposed during the course of the penitence, with all the heat and dust blowing in the wind, welcomes all sorts of infections and bacteria like tetanus,” he explained...

...“The City Health Office (CHO) autoclaved all the nails to be used and will administer anti-tetanus vaccine to all the “Cristos” to ensure their protection from possible infection,” it points out. City officials will conduct an inspection of the Golgothas on Thursday.

The festival is sponsored by Coca-cola and a company called Smart Telecommunications...'

I love the Coca Cola sponsorship. It reminds me of the famous (and debunked) stories of the Pepsi or Coke Slogans ('Come Alive with Pepsi,' or 'Coke Adds Life') being mistranslated into Chinese as 'Pepsi/Coke brings your ancestors back from the dead,' thus driving down sales. Though neither of those mistranslations actually happened, perhaps those lingering urban myths have convinced some at Coca Cola to try their hand at resurrection.