Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Scarlett Johansson Nude

(Let's see how many hits from Google searches this post gets...)

One of the more idiotic twists of this primary season is the story of Jason Rae, a 21 year old College Junior who is one of the almost eight hundred ‘super delegates’ that will help to decide the Democratic nominee for President. To woo him, the Clinton campaign has sent over Chelsea Clinton to have breakfast and had Bill Clinton call him on his cell phone. The Obama Campaign has had John Kerry give him a call.

Jason Rae has been a member of the DNC, which gets him his ‘super delegate’ status, since he was 17. The rules apparently allow someone as young as 14, at least from the state of Wisconsin.

Jason Zengerle of the New Republic notes::

‘…While Hillary has Bill and Chelsea making her case to Rae, it looks like Obama has . . . John Kerry. Uh, two words of advice for the Obama people: Scarlett Johansson…’