Wednesday, November 21, 2007


This clearly hasn't been a good week for those devout God-fearin' folk in the south. First God blew them off over the desertification of greater metropolitan Atlanta: though the prayer vigil run by the state's Republican Governor was scheduled on a day when the forecast actually called for rain, no rain came. Then those who were left wondering why God was forsaking them, needed to look no further than the pleasant town of Decatur, where the head priest of the 10,000 member mega church, Chapel Hill Harvester (website now yanked), admitted his role in a sex scandal, sleeping with his brother's wife and fathering one of her children. How Biblical; though clearly not in the same league as that pastor from that church in Alabama.

After a while one gets numb to all of these stories, as they become less funny over deadening repetition and more, well, just simply sad. A reflection of personal repression on a massive scale.

I posted on Conservapedia back in February, when it first came out. At the time I assumed the site, a 'conservative' and fundamentalist version of Wikipedia for those who believe that Wikipedia is too liberally biased, would fizzle and die, but it turns out to have been backed by some serious right wing money, and is growing at a fairly healthy clip, as websites go. This morning, Atrios linked to a page in the site - the top ten most requested searches on Conervapedia. I'll reprint it here in it's entirety (things like this often get pulled rather quickly):
Most viewed pages

1. Main Page‎ [1,902,291]
2. Homosexuality‎ [1,537,431]
3. Homosexuality and Hepatitis‎ [516,639]
4. Homosexuality and Promiscuity‎ [420,033]
5. Homosexuality and Parasites‎ [387,855]
6. Homosexuality and Domestic Violence‎ [348,867]
7. Gay Bowel Syndrome‎ [340,462]
8. Homosexuality and Gonorrhea‎ [330,987]
9. Homosexuality and Mental Health‎ [274,467]
10. Homosexuality and Syphilis‎ [264,934]