Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Back Forty

This summer we've turned the front stoop into the back forty. We're growing four cherry tomato plants, a fajita bell pepper plant and a Serrano pepper plant. The results have been a good success, especially the tomatoes - they're sweet and tasty. The peppers have been a bit more problematic. The output from a bell pepper plant is not huge, so when one ripens, Kathy will chop it up and put it into something. The Serranos have mostly spiced up guacamole.

This 'growing things locally' is quite a trend, though I have my doubts of this project's scalability. Each cherry tomato has about five calories, and the average production of a plant is 50 or so tomatoes. So that's a total of one thousand calories for my entire farm. Or about enough to sustain me for a little more than half a day. It's not going to be cutting down my trips to the grocery store.