Sunday, August 05, 2007


Quote of the day:

'...One may intelligently wonder why, if seminarians are not taught a simplistic conservatism about the New Testament, they do not communicate more nuanced views in their preaching. A common excuse for this failure is that anything more complex and nuanced might disturb the people - now an increasingly specious explanation when far more Catholics receive college education and might be encouraged if they found out that their church, once a danger has passed, is capable of changing its mind in face of evidence. Probably a major factor is that to communicate nuanced biblical views in a way that people will find constructive (rather than puzzling or disturbing) requires more effort and imagination than many preachers are willing to expend. The bland is often effortless and survives even when the church teaches the contrary...'

From Raymond Brown's An Introduction to New Testament Christology. I'm about a quarter through this brief but excellent book, which I wanted to read before tackling his tome, Death of the Messiah. Thanks to Mike, who recommended to me Brown's Community of the Beloved Disciple which I finished last year.