Friday, July 06, 2007

National Healthcare: Breeding Ground for Terror

TPM has been following the latest crap being hoisted up the flagpole. No word yet on how many people are saluting. YouTubes are at the links.

Apparently, because a number of the clueless idiots who didn't know how to make a bomb in England last week were doctors, this is a reason we shouldn't have universal health care in this country: it will lead to terrorism. You see, if we have universal health care, there will be an increased demand for doctors, and so we will have to import them from abroad. And of course, that means that we will be letting terrorists into our midst. Other options are discounted, as I gather from the impending nature of this crisis we no longer have any medical schools in this country.

So who exactly is hoisting this flag? One Jerry Bowyer from National Review Online. Who? Tbogg has the details from a post he did back in 2003. In short he's a PR schmuck for far, far right conservative causes bankrolled by the myriad of Scaife Foundations. Why he gets onto Fox news is therefore obvious. Why that drek then gets picked up by other news outlets is more outrageous.


As TPM notes, the meme is spreading - now it's in the New York Sun. Crooks and Liars is also on the track of all of this.