Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Melts in Your Mouth

What Digby Says.

Adding that it's important to reinforce his opening paragraph. While I certainly don't feel that the Church (Catholic or otherwise) is responsible for confirming or denying every last utterance of some batshit insane crank who claims to speak for them, Donohue, and his merry Catholic League, are public figures who get plenty of airtime to pontificate on matters of import under the banner of 'speaking for the Catholic Church.' In this case, like all of the others, the silence of the church is the same as an endorsement of his views.

While there are certainly more pressing issues facing the church, their reaction to an anatomically correct confection is definitely the sort of idiocy that fascinates me more than most. The Catholic Church's abominable silence on the Iraq invasion, however, is more pressing and is appropriately being addressed by my brother on his blog, as he directly confronts the seven generations of hatred that we are going to be faced with.

But what else would one expect from a Church that on June 14th, 1978 gave Sam Cohen, the inventor of the Neutron Bomb, Pope Paul VI's peace medal.