Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dr. Keith

My sister-in-law Helen and her husband Betty were on the Dr. Keith show recently. Some of their friends have posted the segment on YouTube. The first part is available here, and the second part is available here.

While they did a bang-up job, I found the segment disappointing somewhat, as they didn't mention Helen's latest book, the superbly written 'She's Not the Man I Married,' which just got published, and is available from Amazon. Flood your local bookstore with requests.

I confess that the segment got me to think. Betty, a superb actor, has been reluctant to appear on stage for the past several years in large part to a reluctance to portray what are essentially traditionally defined masculine roles.. I have known of that for some time. Yet recently I asked her to do a voiceover for some TV spots that my company was hired to do to promote a condo development. I naturally hired her for her masculine voice, a glorious sound, without making the obvious connection. Betty has a different voice when presenting as a woman, and I had completely ignored that when I blithely hired her to essentially present as a man. For that I owe her an apology.