Monday, April 24, 2006

Eye of the Needle

A couple of follow-ups to some comments in my last ‘Redemption’ post.

I’m familiar with the ‘Eye of the Needle’ Gate reference (see the photo of the remains of it above.) Not being much of a biblical scholar, though I am lately trying to improve that somewhat, I don’t know all of the history behind it, but from what I have read, the reference makes sense. None the less, whether or not Jesus was saying that it was impossible for a rich man to get into heaven or just really damn difficult, Mike’s point remains – people who try to use scripture to justify a point opposite to one that Jesus beats to death in the Gospels is just a fool. And my point remains as well. Stop trying to call yourself a Christian if you can’t be bothered to even try to live up to the teachings of Christ and the beliefs of the Church.

For that’s what’s important here. Christianity, or any religion for that matter, shouldn’t be easy. It SHOULD be difficult, if not impossible. Otherwise what’s the damn point? I’m so exhausted of reading about preachers in these enormous suburban churches giving messages of comfort to those sated on the fat of our planet. People should be challenged by their beliefs, not coddled.

And on the topic of fat, a little more on the evil Peeps. I have no idea who reader ‘D’ is but there is only one ingredient in Peeps – refined sugar. The splatters of color wont make a difference, but perhaps keeping them in the microwave longer does. We bailed after about two minutes because of the god awful smell. Maybe if we had held out a bit longer, then we would have had a more satisfactory result.

Cyntia told me about Peep jousting which sounds like good fun. Take two Peeps and place a toothpick in each one, pointed at the other Peep, like a jousting setup. Turn on the microwave, and as they expand, eventually one of the toothpicks will puncture the other one, causing it to deflate, leaving the other one a winner. Sounds like it’s tournament time…